The retail business comprises four METRO Department Stores in Singapore and another nine department stores in Jakarta, Bandung, Makassar, Surabaya and Solo, Indonesia. The METRO shopping brand is a familiar household name in the region and offers a wide selection of fashion apparel, accessories, cosmetics and home items including designers and famous brands over 900,000 square feet of downtown and suburban retail space.

The retail division will continue to contribute positively with the four department stores in Singapore and nine in Indonesia seeking to show improved sales and profit contribution.

CT Corp is a rapidly growing, diversified Indonesian-based holding company that is active in several industries. The group is divided into three main business holding operations concentrating in Financial Services, Media, Lifestyle & Entertainment, and Natural Resources respectively. The group has established strongly-positioned companies in the consumer market, such as: Bank Mega, Bank Mega Syariah, Mega Life, Trans TV, Trans 7 and Mahagaya.

The group was founded in 1987 by the chairman and principal shareholder Mr. Chairul Tanjung under the name of Para Group. The business started originally in the manufacturing of footwear for export and roof tiles for the domestic housing industry. From 1995 onwards, the group expanded into new business sectors in the area of financial services, property and multimedia. It is within this period that the group gained scale and depth in respective industries and to build a solid foundation for future growth.

In 2006 - 2007, CT Corp was one of the fastest growing business conglomerates in Indonesia through aggressive acquisitions and organic growth of its core businesses. Two of the group's many achievements in 2007: Bank Mega experienced the highest growth in net income and credit cards amongst any Indonesian banks, and the two television stations (Trans TV and Trans 7) generated the profits that equaled the profits of the rest of the industry. CT Corp credited this outstanding overall growth to synergies between the group companies and efficient operational control that is embedded uniformly in the organization culture of the group companies.

In 2008, the Para Group name was rebranded to become CT Corporation. In short, CT Corp, is a brand that embeds Mr. Chairul Tanjung's name and character into the company. That is essential in contributing values of optimism and revolutionary leadership of the future into the company. In addition, this was a strategic step to reposition the group as a multi-national group, ready to expand into the region and other parts of the globe.

Looking towards the future, CT Corp is committed to continuing the tradition of growth. The group will keep developing innovative products which will provide more value to customer, bring in quality professionals and business experts, as well as establish strategic partnerships with investors both in Indonesia and internationally.