Get Wet & Have Fun With Minilotta And Minilina
New Best Friend to Accompany Your Little Ones While Bathing
Jakarta, 10 July 2012 - Dolls are important for a child's development because they learn to understand the world through role-play. Role-playing can be done in any situation and seems like little girls can implement it while they are having fun splashing around in water. The excitement is doubled if they have someone who can accompany them. That is why; NICI came up with the newest addition to the lovingly designed NICI Wonderland plush doll collection as a new best friend. Minilotta is a soft bathing doll, wearing a stylish swimsuit and she may of course, get wet. Little girls can really take Minilotta into the bathtub or even along to the swimming pool because she has a quick-drying plush material and the body is filled with special foam which is suitable for taking it into the water. This cute collection will be available exclusively in METRO Department Stores Indonesia (Jakarta & Bandung) starting end of July 2012 and mid of August 2012 at METRO Ciputra World Surabaya and METRO Trans Studio Makasar.

Minilotta lives in NICI Wonderland with her friend, Minilina. A little duck is her steady companion, who is always enthusiastic when they find time to splash around and play in water together. For this purpose, a set of swim cap, swimming goggles and arm floats are perfectly equipped with the Minilotta.

Minilotta's fresh shades of colour and an especially loving design are characteristic of this new collection. She loves to dress and has many collections such as short red reversible plush dress with a handbag or the long reversible plush dress in maritime colours including a small handbag rounds off the fashion assortment.

During bath time a soft terrycloth cushion for relaxation filled with quick-drying Styrofoam pellets will make things especially fun. In the evening, she can make herself comfortable on a plush cushion set, including a cushion sized 33 x 33 cm and a smaller cushion measuring 15 x 15 cm. And the Minilotta plush bag will certainly accompany the little girl everywhere she goes.

Get it exclusively at Metro Department Stores!

About NICI

NICI was founded in 1986 and originally from Germany. The name NICI signifies highest quality, safety and appealing designs. NICI products are safe tested for children and will not cause allergies. The uniqueness of NICI is handcrafted details, dangling to make fun and hugging.
In Indonesia NICI is distributed and managed exclusively by PT Metropolitan Retailmart, the company which also manage METRO Department Store. NICI was initially introduced on December 2009 and is currently available in all METRO stores Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Makassar.
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